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1442707164112 by Germanicus-Fink

I seems my blog is linked somewhere, likely on their website so I get a decent number of hits. I may as well take advantage of this fact to get my side of the story out there since I know from experience how criminally dishonest these creeps are.
I know from that episode of her show that I overheard that featured Dana that she lies about her involvement with that very show. Of course none of the things she talked about never happened, and the actual truth of the matter is drastically different than what she would have everyone believe. All that bullshit about how all she ever wanted to do was help me but that I was much too crazy to be amenable to reason, what a steaming pile of crap. The truth is she was never a friend of mine, and worse, she has been basely exploiting me for over 20 years at least. If I am crazy she is the one who has been methodically trying to make me that way for a very long time.What is it with these assholes and their social engineering?
She was the one who worked tirelessly to locate me in the Bay Area so that I'd be in the center of all this madness, not only to intensify it's negative affects on me but likely just for their own convenience too I imagine, since they put this thing together at the television studio on Market Street in S.F. I'm sure it's much easier for them to have me living local as it's easier to set me up their whores and spies. This is actually the second time they succeeded in getting me up here, the last time was 25 years ago, and again, it was that piece of shit Dana who got me up here. Too bad I didn't think big and figured out it was an actual television show that was fucking with me the first time I was up here. I could have reclaimed my life. Actually they set me up with their plants down south too. Roger Jesness was definitely working for them. That's why all he ever talked about was "racist" things. For some reason they have always been obsessed with getting me to be racially aware. I'm not entirely sure why this is aside from maybe because they had a large black viewership and they figured the controversy would be good for the ratings or something. These assholes also tried to turn me out for a while. I can only imagine what garbage they were saying about me back then, but women would have nothing to do with me and faggots were hitting on me and following me around all the time. Maybe this shouldn't surprise us as those people have been pushing the homosexual agenda since forever. Since I was quite young at the time it wouldn't be too far fetched to say I was probably something of a roll model at the time, so it's easy to understand why they'd have liked to see me setting such a degenerate example. Plus Dana's dad is a total flamer so she's obsessed with all that gay shit herself.
I bet her show has turned exceptionally nasty lately because I recently sent her an article about how AIDS research is grossly over funded at the expense of cancer research and other common diseases and about how many gays intentionally spread the disease. There are even gays who are obsessed with catching it if you can believe it. They call them "bug chasers".
I should make a point of sharing it whenever I write her so everyone can notice how the show gets extra caustic whenever I write her. That should help debunk her claims that she only 'wanted to help me' because it will show how much creative control she has over that life crushing slanderfest.
I know what I need to do is just get as far away from these fuckwits as possible, but like I've said several times before they intentionally keep me poor as that gives them more control over me and this also protects them. Despite the fact I'm sure they've concocted some justification for what they have been doing to me to placate the public, they know what they are doing is very wrong and that they would be in a world of trouble if I were ever able to come after them as I should,with lawyers and detectives.
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