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Screenshot 2015-03-26 at 4.35.35 AM by Germanicus-Fink

Oh man, I gotta tell you! I can hardly believe this, but that Mason Reese is really a little prick!

I made a video where I was goofin’ on him, and the other day I saw he actually commented on it. Of course he started off by attacking me, and although I started off by kinda trying to calm him down he just kept getting nastier and nastier.

I maintained my cool throughout but he was off the hook pissed! I think the whole thing is hilarious but part of me is in absolute shock at what a baby this guy is. I've taken down my Mason Reese video for now partly because I want to give this guy a chance to calm down. Plus I wanted to make screen caps of the whole thing because I’m sure if his friends or family catch wind of this they will advise him to delete his comments. This whole thing will be such an embarrassment to him, especially now that he is actually trying to get back his lame career. If too many people read his childish rants he will be a laughing stock. One honestly gets the impression he hasn't matured a bit since he was a kid. It even seems possible he was more mature when he was a kid than he is now. He’s like one of those little toy dogs that get psycho when they see a bigger dog. I don’t know what his problem is, but the guy’s clearly a mess.

You know, for someone who was supposed to be a genius he really comes across as an idiot. That was obviously just a lot of hype anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if his family paid some shrink to say he was some kind of savant. He clearly doesn't have all his marbles.

The video was up for, like, 8 months before he commented on it. Maybe he was pumped up because he FINALLY got work. Karen said she saw it mentioned on one of his pages. Some contrived televisual extravaganza using a bunch of washed up and forgotten child stars. Sounds horrible. Even he likely knows it sucks because despite all his posturing and bragging he never made mention of it.

I need to look into entertainment law and see whether I can make a comic strip about him and not get into trouble.. I mean, he is sort of a public figure and I wont be making money off it so it may be OK. In any event I don’t have any money so it would be a waste of his time to try and sue me. But he’s missing a few screws so he’s capable of trying anything. But again, him coming after me legally will only serve to draw more attention to my work.

Oh well, I think I may as well go put it back up soon. To be honest it’s just too funny to keep to myself!

Actually, although it is rather amusing, at the same time it’s sad and somewhat disturbing to see that, despite all his fucking money, he hasn't an ounce of substance to him. He has nothing spiritual or intellectual to him at all. He’s completely empty, he has nothing inside himself, nothing but anger and hatred, nothing of any worth, definitely nothing pleasant.

Oh-fuck by Germanicus-Fink

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